What is an excellent client service in IT outsourcing?

The basics

The difference between just doing your job and exceptional client service

Specifics of client service in IT outsourcing

Client service at Blackthorn Vision in Q&A

Hanna Bey, Client Partner:

Who is responsible for ensuring excellent client service at BV?

What tools/software do you use for interaction with clients?

Do you have something other companies cannot offer in terms of client service?

Pavlo Sahaydakov, Project Manager:

What are our good result guarantees?

What are the quality assurance procedures at Blackthorn Vision?

Are you prepared to make changes in policies and procedures to meet client needs? (e.g., special security measures, etc.)

Mykhaylo Terentyak, CEO

Is the client always right?

Do you ever refuse to implement projects for clients, and why?

How do you make sure employees assimilate into the client service culture and use the best practices?

What happens if the client is not happy with the outcome?

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