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What Is Go?

How did it all start? In 2007, the iPhone was introduced. Although it wasn’t the first smartphone on the market, it caused a mobile app revolution — from just 500 apps available on App Store as it first launched in 2008, to more than 2 million now — only there. Naturally, there was also a pressing market need for a language that could support the development of more responsive and faster apps. At Google, C++ and Java dominated server programming, and neither was easy to use. At that time, neither JavaScript nor Python had strong typing. So, all the characteristics required by the Google team were not available with most programming languages. Thus, the idea of a new language appeared.

In his presentation at the Gopherpalooza Conference 2019 (one of the 27 devoted to Go held that year), Robert Griesemer mentioned the main strengths of his child — simplicity, strong typing, concurrency, garbage collection, fast compilation times, and ease of use. Let’s have a closer look at Golang’s advantages compared to other languages, the value it can create for a project, and the type of projects it is best suited for.

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What Are the Main Advantages of Using Golang?

Performance and scalability

Stable and straightforward syntax, code readability

Understanding the code is critical for the project’s success: you always need to know what it does precisely and estimate the time and memory it will use. Transparent syntax meets this goal.

Speed and fewer bugs

The compiler also has such advantages as error checking, code optimization and facilitation of deployment. Cross-compiling is another excellent feature, which makes Golang apps compatible with many OS and platforms.

Golang is statistically typed and has a strict typization, it means that software engineers can be more focused on creating neat and safe code.

Popularity and availability of programming tools

One more reason to opt for Golang is the easy availability of development tools, such as plugins, editors, and IDEs, which can be freely downloaded from the GitHub repository.

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Summary: When Golang might be good for your project?

Despite such disadvantages as no generics, which allow creating reusable code and might save time, and lower flexibility compared to dynamically typed languages, Golang is clean and efficient. It combines the best features of many modern languages. You can create transparent and lean software that runs smoothly on different networked devices, e.g., IoT, and multicore machines, and provide a great experience to a continually growing number of users.

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