What is the Best Cloud Deployment Model? Types of Cloud Computing that will Benefit Your Business

What is cloud computing?

5 types of cloud computing deployment

Public cloud

Public cloud examples

  • AWS. Amazon cloud services include over 170 products for software developers, such as cloud computing and storage solutions. AWS offers advanced analytics and integration with the extensive list of Amazon services that grasp everything from database migration to game tech, media, IoT, front-end. mobile, VR/AR, and even robotics.
  • Microsoft Azure. One of the world’s most popular cloud solutions provides various tools for application development, deployment, and management. Moreover, it allows users to integrate with blockchain, data management, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge services. Sounds promising? Our skilled Azure DevOps experts know how to leverage the capabilities of Microsoft cloud computing services to level up your business.
  • Oracle Cloud. This IaaS solution provides functionality for storing and deploying applications. It’s a typical example of an enterprise cloud that offers a secure and feature-rich cloud infrastructure for SME and large enterprises.
  • Google Cloud Platform. This solution offers the same infrastructure that is used for Gmail, Youtube, and Google search. Besides data storage, it provides a toolkit for team collaboration and up-to-date security.

What are the benefits of a public cloud?

  • Hassle-free cloud infrastructure management.
  • 24/7 uptime.
  • Easy to scale up and down.
  • Global accessibility.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Flexibility.
  • Fast deployment.

Private cloud

  • On-premise cloud. The company manages, runs, and maintains their internal data center. It means they operate on-site servers and software using their own resources.
  • Hosted cloud. The company rents cloud server infrastructure from an offshore organization.
  • Third-party management. The company hosts their own premises but outsources server management and maintenance to a third-party vendor.

Private cloud examples

  • OVH. It’s an example of a hosted private cloud that merges the scalability with a dedicated hardware infrastructure.
  • HP Data Centers. They offer on premises based on the company’s consumption levels, providing great agility and security.
  • Openstack Private Cloud. This IaaS platform provides efficient tools for adding servers, storage components, and networking to a company’s cloud.
  • VMware Private Cloud. It enables to join all resources from physical servers into a centralized pool and allocate computing power across virtual machines.

What are the benefits of a private cloud?

  • Customizable hardware and setup.
  • Enhanced security.
  • More control.
  • Dedicated computing resources.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud examples

  • Openstack and AWS.
  • Microsoft Azure Stack and Azure.
  • AWS and VMware.

What are the benefits of a hybrid cloud?

  • Improved security and privacy compliance.
  • Flexibility and scalability.
  • Independence from a single cloud provider.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Ease of migration from one type of cloud to another.

Community cloud

Community cloud examples

What are the benefits of a community cloud?

  • Enhanced security and privacy.
  • Industry focus.
  • Lower costs.
  • Simplified data sharing and convenient collaboration.


Multicloud examples

What are the benefits of multicloud?

  • Independence from a single vendor.
  • Choice of services.
  • Risk avoidance.
  • Security and regulatory compliance.

Types of cloud computing: which one is better for your business?

  • Does your user activity grow fast or with unpredictable spikes in demand?
  • Do you hold any sensitive user data that cannot be shared on a public server?
  • What is your budget? Are you able to invest in your own data center or prefer to pay a subscription?
  • How much time and budget can you spend on employee training?
  • Are you ready to maintain servers using your own resources?
  • How flexible are your processing and storage requirements?
  • Do you need to comply with any laws or industry regulations in your country?



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